Complete Guide Into Content Development

I am glad I finally get to write on this topic, this is a very important section in digital marketing. Everything starts from your content.
For the sake of this session we will talk about CONTENT DEVELOPMENT, in our subsequent articles we will delve into CONTENT MARKETING.

This simply tackles the processes needed to undertake while developing contents.
According to Wikipedia, Content Development is the process of researching, writing, gathering, organizing, and editing information for publication. Content developers or technical content developers can also be technical writers who produce technical documentation that helps people understand and use a product or service. This documentation includes online help, manuals, white papers, design specifications, developer guides, deployment guides, release notes, etc

The first thing to consider while trying to develop contents is your audience. You might want to put into consideration who your reader is.

To successfully develop a content for a project/article/campaign, it is imperative for you to note who the target audience in need of the content is. There is a need to mold the content to the right audience for maximum impact.

Now, there are two ways you can develop contents: either you curate it or you create it.

This method allows you to use to your benefit already created contents that have been published and it is the fastest way to get started. For example, you could share an interesting news article, an industry presentation, or thought leader blog post. Even well-resourced organisations rely on great content they didn’t create themselves. You can experiment with different formats and topics, and see what works. Thereafter, more original content should be created.


While curating is the fastest way to get started with content development, creating original contents would hence make you be in complete control of what’s being communicated and how it is passed.
The following are tips you should adhere to in producing your own original content.

- Conversational texts: Write-ups should be written like you speak. Texts should be simple, direct, and friendly.

- Brief write-ups: The longer the content, the harder it is to process, hence keep it concise.

- Use of visuals: Whether it’s a case study, a status update, or a blog post, you should bring your content to life with bold and relevant images and videos.

- Snackable tips: Readers/audience love easily digestible Top 10 lists, bullet points, and clear tips. It makes your content easy to scan.

- A call to action: At the end, you should ask the audience a question to provoke comments or include a call to action.

Whether you decide to create or curate contents, here are a few different formats and topics you should consider.


- Blog posts
- Info-graphics
- eBooks
- Testimonials/quotes
- Webinars
- News articles
- Press releases
- Newsletters
- Photos
- Videos
- Live events
- Applicant-generated content e.t.c

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