#BusinesClinic: Business Lessons from Cee-C (#BBNaija) - The Cee-C Effect

Business Lessons From Cee-C (#BBNaija)
So Big Brother Naija came to an end this weekend with Miracle carting home with the prize money worth 45million naira. That's the reward for a game of 85 days in confinement with 19 other housemates.

But that's not the story for today.

I'm so cock sure you must have heard about the most hated housemate of the show, she was seen as every other thing being awful.

Ceec was considered synonymous with bitterness.

Funny enough she had a "cult" followership.

It was like the more she went on her tirade, making people dislike her attitude she got more people to love her even more.

She didn't win but coming up second says a lot about being loved and being hated.

You can be on both sides of the divide and still thrive. Reminds me of Tboss.

The point here is there are people who would see the beauty in your act and those who won't.

No wonder it is often said that even great act once made fake art.
"For every business, the whole market is not your market".
Your products or service is not meant for everybody.

There will be those who your products will resonate with & will buy, buy and continuously buy from you. There are those who won't dare to try you out, rather they will team up with competitors.

Not everybody will like your act, even jollof rice has competitions.

Your business is not for everybody.
"Design your customer avatar and strive to attract and retain them".

These are basic lessons I learnt from the whole Cee-C show what other business relevant lessons can we pick out?

Do well to share in the comment section.
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