#BusinessClinic: Product Ideation (1)

Welcome to Bloom Digital Business Clinic

Permit me to walk you on this Journey. 
Let's understand the ideation behind a product or service.
Do you know that products (inclusive of service) are born out of two different strategies?

  1. A push strategy or
  2. A pull strategy.

Take for example, you create an awesome app that enables employees order for lunch at their favourite restaurants delivered to them at the office.
After creating the app and its ready, you begin to look for people who will use the app or people you can offer the app to. No piloting or minimum valuable products testing or some sort. You launch and float it.

This is a typical example of how the Push Strategy works.
You create what you want and then look for people you can offer the products to. You are pushing something they don't want for the time been and it may not get traction as expected.

This is one of the reasons businesses run down within the first 5 years of operation - due to lack of customers for the products or service they are offering and it can be traced to the foundation of the business.
Was the market ready for such a product?Was the product what the market desired at that point in time?What was the sustainability value of that product to continuously reinvent itself?

The Nigeria business sphere isn't fully ready for the classified market.
We are still struggling to come to grasp with the online market and its payment delivery method even though many times we have been disappointed.

At the other side of the divide is the PULL Strategy!

What does it mean to employ a Pull Strategy?

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